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A free and open-source presenting tool included in the LibreOffice suite is called LibreOffice Impress. It is intended for the creation, editing, and distribution of multimedia content, slideshows, and presentations of the highest quality. Impress is a flexible and easy-to-use tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, including commercial pitches and academic presentations, among others.


Key features and functions of LibreOffice Impress include:

Slide Creation: Using a variety of slide layouts, such as title slides, content slides, and more, you may create single slides or full presentations.

Text and Content: You may easily communicate information in a visually appealing way by including text, photos, charts, tables, and multimedia elements in your slides.

Slide Transitions: To add energy and interest to your presentations, Impress provides a range of slide transition effects.
Animation: To add visual interest and focus interest in important topics, you can animate text and objects on slides.

Master Slides: To guarantee the same design across your presentation, use master slides to provide uniform formatting and layout.

Slide Show Mode: With features like speaker notes, slide previews, and timing choices, you may show your slides in full-screen mode with ease.

impress makes it simple to import and export presentations by supporting a variety of presentation file formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT and PPTX).

Open Source: LibreOffice Impress is a part of the LibreOffice suite, which is a more affordable option for presenting software than proprietary programs because it is free and open source.
Cross-Platform: A wide range of people can access it because it is compatible with multiple operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

customisation: LibreOffice Impress offers a great deal of customisation options, such as the capacity to make templates, apply various themes, and modify the appearance and feel of your presentations to conform to your corporate identity.

How to design interactive slides in LibreOffice Impress

The user interface and functionalities of LibreOffice Impress’s interactive slide creation may differ slightly from those of the current version in prior releases. In an older version of LibreOffice Impress, follow these steps to create interactive slides:

Note: Depending on which particular version of LibreOffice you’re running, the instructions may differ.

Open LibreOffice Impress: Open LibreOffice Impress from an earlier version.

Launch a Fresh Presentation:
Open an already-existing presentation or start a new one.

Create a Slide:
Create the content for your slides first. For your presentation, include text, pictures, charts, and any other necessary components.

Adding Hyperlinks: Choose the text or object you wish to link to in order to create an interactive hyperlink. Next, select hyperlinks from the “Insert” menu by looking for an appropriate option. This option could be labelled as “Link,” “Hyperlink,” or a similar term.

Creating Action Buttons: Look for an option under the “Insert” or “Slide” menu for adding interactive elements in order to construct buttons that carry out activities, such moving on to the next slide. This could include forms or buttons that have actionable settings.

To navigate to particular slides or sections in more intricate interactive presentations, you can design navigation buttons. Look for button insert options that allow you to link buttons to specific slides or sections by assigning hyperlinks to them.
Use Multimedia: To improve the interaction of your slides, including multimedia components like as audio or videos. Look for ways to use buttons or URLs to embed and activate these components.

Testing Your Interactivity: Make sure to run your presentation in slide show mode whenever you test any interactive features. Verify that the navigation, buttons, and hyperlinks function as intended.

Interactive feedback systems, such as clickable surveys or quizzes, should be added. Create feedback links by following the same procedure as creating hyperlinks.
Custom Animations: To create dynamic and interactive effects, apply custom animations to items on your slides. Older versions of Impress usually have animation options that let things move or appear in response to certain events.

Practice and Rehearse: To guarantee a seamless and captivating user experience, practice your presentation after creating your interactive slides.

Preserve Your Slideshow:
Preserve your presentation in a file format that works with the LibreOffice Impress version you previously used.

Backup Slides: It’s a good idea to have static backup slides in case you run into technical difficulties when giving your presentation.

LibreOffice Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint: A Comparison

LibreOffice Impress and Microsoft PowerPoint are two powerful competitors in the presentation software market that compete for customer choice. While there are many tools and options available for creating interesting and polished presentations on each platform, there are also unique benefits and things to keep in mind. This comparison will assist you in selecting the option that best meets your needs:

Expense and Permits:

LibreOffice Impress: This free and open-source program is a good choice for both personal and professional use.
Microsoft PowerPoint: A commercial program that is a component of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint usually requires a license purchase or a Microsoft 365 subscription.

LibreOffice Impress: Some sophisticated PowerPoint capabilities might not convert fully, but it can open and save presentations in PowerPoint format.
Microsoft PowerPoint: Provides fidelity when transferring files within the Microsoft Office environment by offering seamless compatibility with its own format.
Interface User:

LibreOffice Impress: Although it offers an easy-to-use interface, users coming from PowerPoint might notice some slight layout and terminology discrepancies.
Microsoft PowerPoint is well-known for its feature-rich, well-designed user interface.

Designs and Templates:

LibreOffice Impress: Offers a variety of templates as well as the option to make your own, albeit it might not have as many options as PowerPoint.
Microsoft PowerPoint: Provides a vast collection of design themes and templates for a range of uses.
Tools and Features:

LibreOffice Impress: Offers necessary functions like multimedia support, animations, and slide transitions. Although it works well for most presentations, it might not include all of PowerPoint’s more sophisticated features.
Microsoft PowerPoint: Offers an extensive feature set that includes advanced animations, transitions, and teamwork tools. For sophisticated and professional presentations, it’s the preferred option.

LibreOffice Impress: While collaborative tools are offered, they might not be as smooth as Microsoft 365’s cloud-based PowerPoint collaboration.
Microsoft PowerPoint: This program is perfect for distant teamwork because it allows real-time collaboration via OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.
Platform compatibility and accessibility:

LibreOffice Impress: Compatible with several operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and others.
Microsoft PowerPoint is widely accessible across a wide range of platforms and devices.
Knowledge Curve:

LibreOffice Impress: Easier to use and more rapid to pick up, particularly for those with simple presentation requirements.
Microsoft PowerPoint: Offers more depth for users requiring advanced capability, but may have a steeper learning curve.
Community and Support:

Impressive LibreOffice: Enjoys the advantages of a robust open-source community with frequent updates and helpful tools.
Microsoft PowerPoint: Via its vast network, Microsoft provides official assistance and resources.


LibreOffice Impress is a powerful tool that enables users to create professional and visually appealing presentations without the need for expensive software licenses. Its compatibility with common presentation formats and its flexibility in terms of design and multimedia integration make it a valuable choice for individuals, businesses, educators, and organizations looking to deliver compelling presentations.

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